About MANO:

Born and raised on opposite coasts, Gabrielle and Beau first met at college attending RISD. Gabrielle majored in Painting and pursued a career in fashion working for stylists in LA and NYC, later designing for Free People and Levi’s. Beau majored in Printmaking and printed for Gemini GEL, as well as exhibiting his own work on the West Coast and NYC. Living in LA, NYC, Philadelphia, and San Francisco eventually led to them venturing out to, and purchasing an 1890’s two story Adobe storefront in Marfa, TX. They embarked on a two-year renovation to restore the building- an old apartment above the store that hadn’t been inhabited since the 1940’s, and begin working in the studio space behind the shop. They began building MANO. The intent is a creative compound, with a shop as an extension of the studio. Seeds were planted and doors opened in October 2015. The former couple, now creative partners continue to share their love of the far east rooted in the far west.