Born and raised on opposite/ separate coasts, first met at college attending RISD. GG majored in Painting and pursued a career in fashion working for stylists in LA and NYC, later designing for Free People and Levi’s. Beau majored in Printmaking and printed for Gemini GEL, as well as exhibiting his own work on the West Coast and NYC. 

Living in LA, NYC, Philadelphia, and San Francisco eventually led to them venturing out to, and purchasing an 1890’s two story Adobe storefront in Marfa, TX. Attracted to a few details visible in the light peaking out of the boarded windows, they saw an original beadboard ceiling, stainless steel front door and plumbing circa 1918. They embarked on a two year renovation to move into the old apartment above the store that hadn't been inhabited since the 1940's and begin working in the studio space behind the shop.

They began building MANO. The intent is a compound to live and work, and then a shop an extension of the studio. Seeds were planted and doors opened in October 2015. MANO’s story is GG + BB’s love of the far east rooted in the far west. Both artists were transformed by time spent in Japan. The common inspiration is the principle of Wabi-Sabi, which champions the acceptance of transience and imperfection.

The couple make most of the pieces in the shop, including Jack Rabbits, reworked and curated vintage, sterling silver and turquoise jewelry, Indigo dyed Bandannas, bags,  and something new is always being brought to the shop. Fellow artists working in Photography, Textile and Ceramics further the story of the imperfect perfect, refined craft - all emphasizing the hand. The shop ebbs and flows to create space where art, objects + clothing work in unison, parts of a whole. A piece leaves for a new home, another is replaced and in most cases something entirely new. If you see their hand painted open sign out front during off hours, ring the bell! They are working in studio and would love to take a break to say hello.